Discover how you can "green" your life by building a knowledge base of current sustainable and eco-savvy trends. This series will delve into hot topics, current standards and practices, ways to design better spaces, and specify materials that benefit not only us, as consumers, but the world as a whole. Members of CaraGreen, a sustainable materials distributor, and other industry leaders weigh in throughout the series. This is Build Green Live Green.

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Episode 27 - New Collection! elementAl LIGHT is here

This episode will introduce you to elementAl surfaces new collection, called the LIGHT collection.

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Episode 14 - Sustainable Design in Schools

This episode will cover ways to implement sustainable design practices in schools and the benefits that it can have.

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Episode 10 - Acoustics and Health

In this episode we will talk about acoustics and health, how these things go together in ways that you might not think.

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