Our Commitment to You

Caragreen will safeguard the confidentiality and security of the information we obtain from you. This notice describes our privacy policy as it relates to the collection, protection and disclosure of such information resulting from credit card transactions, electronic checks and ACH payments.

Collection of Information

Caragreen will collect and use information obtained from credit card transactions only for business purposes. These business purposes include the payment of invoices or for processing a refund.

Caragreen will collect and use information obtained from you on credit applications, and other forms.  We may also collect information we receive from you in writing, in person by telephone, electronically, or by any other means.  Again, this information will only be used for business purposes only.

Protecting You and Your Credit Card Information

The credit card information and non-public information provided by you to Caragreen will be not be stored. Only specifically trained employees may process credit card information or electronic payment information only when there is an appropriate business reason to do so, such as payment on an invoice or when a refund must be issued back to the credit card. We do not physically keep or maintain credit card information or non-public personal information.  We do have electronic and procedural safeguards to protect your information, and our employees are required to follow these privacy standards.

Disclosure of Your Information

Caragreen does not disclose any information (such as credit card number and their expiration dates or any other non-public personal information) about our customers or former customers to anyone. We do not disclose any other information about you to other entities who may want to sell their products to you.

Caragreen may need to disclose to affiliates and non-affiliated third parties, non-public personal information only in connection with our servicing of, or conducting business on behalf of, your account. Such disclosures may be provided to affiliates and non-affiliated third parties (i) as required or necessary to carry out fully and properly the business conducted by Caragreen.; (ii) as required by law or legal process, or; (iii) with your consent.

Otherwise, we do not keep or retain your non-public personal information nor will we share it with anyone not associated with conducting business on your behalf.