Gilasi Engineered Stone is a durable surface made of aeronautics-grade, VOC-free epoxy and 77 - 85% recycled material. The combination of Gilasi’s ingredients results in a beautiful, non-porous countertop material that enriches any décor. Glass – The recycled glass used in Gilasi is sourced locally, from within 250 miles of our manufacturing facility. Its variety is dazzling: from broken hand-blown lighting fixtures in a myriad of colors to finely crushed container glass to shattered oven-door glass from a manufacturer in Chicago’s historic meat-packing district, each type of glass creates a unique style. Gilasi can be infinitely customized to fit your personal needs and aesthetic. 

Technical Specifications

  • 2cm or 3cm thicknesses
  • . Widths: 28”, 46”, or 62”
  • Lengths: 54” - 109”
Great for use in:
  • Countertops
  • Flooring
  • Stairs
  • Furniture