Havelok Wool loose fill insulation is comprised of 100% wool and no synthetic mix. The loose fill is made of small balls, which are hugely effective at trapping air while avoiding slump once installed. Havelock Wool loose fill is all-natural, renewable, and sustainable in its production while being compostable at the end of an extended useful life. Havelock Wool loose fill exceeds the R-values of all other insulation mediums (except the most toxic: spray foam) with an R-value of 4.3 per inch. 

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Technical Specifications

Sustainable Attributes
  • Low-Emitting Material -
  • HPD Available -
  • No Added Urea Formaldehyde -
  • Rapidly Renewable -
  • No Off-Gassing -
  • Removes Pollutants From The Air -
  • 25 lbs bags
  • See Brochure for coverage chart
Great for use in:
  • Wall insulation
  • Sound control
Material highlights:
  • Made from 100% wool - wool insulation is entirely renewable and sustainable.
  • Contains no chemical irritants
  • Compostable at the end of an extended useful life
  • Filters air and improves indoor air quality
  • Moisture and climate control - natural keratin prevents against the spread of mold and mildew
  • Resists fire - wool will not support a flame below 1100F
  • Absorbs sound - wool fiber is unique in its ability to simultaneously reduce air born sound, surface noise, and sound transmission and exceeds other forms of insulation as an acoustic buffer
  • No off-gassing - natural characteristics make our insulation devoid of harmful chemicals
  • Installs easily
  • Outperforming R-Value