Design something simple…or spectacular! Use EchoPanel® flat panels adhered to walls and ceilings for clean looks and sound absorption up to .85 NRC, or custom cut and print EchoPanel® to create sculptural elements that hide acoustic control in plain sight.

Made from up to 60% recycled PET plastic, EchoPanel® helps reduce landfill waste and can help projects qualify for LEED credit.

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Technical Specifications

Sustainable Attributes
  • Post-Consumer Recycled - Up to 60% recycled PET
  • 47.64" x 106.30", 7mm thick
  • 47.24" x 94.49", 12mm thick
  • 71.65" x 94.49", 24mm thick
Great for use in:
  • Sound Control
Material highlights:
  • Made from recycled PET
  • Low VOC product - no added urea formaldehyde
  • 100% recyclable