Lapitec is made of 100% minerals with no resins or petroleum derivatives. It provides the most suitable and diverse solutions for construction and furnishing, with the dimensions required by designers. It is full-bodied and can be used for internal and external cladding, pavements, indoor or outdoor kitchen countertops, and ventilated façades. It is one of the most durable building materials.

Technical Specifications

Sustainable Attributes
  • Removes Pollutants From The Air -
  • Hydrophillic -
  • Slabs measure 3365x1500mm
  • Thickness available include 12mm, 20mm, and 30mm
Great for use in:
  • Countertops for kitchens, reception counters, bathrooms
  • Wall paneling
  • Exterior cladding
  • Floors
  • Stairs
  • Pools, yachts, spas, and saunas
Material highlights:
  • Sintered Stone made of 100% minerals and contains no resins or petroleum derivatives
  • High resistance against scratches
  • Acid and Alkali resistant
  • UV stable, no fading
  • Non-porous and stain resistant
  • Mold and bacteria resistant
  • Heat and frost resistant
  • Available in 8 different finishes
  • Fossil - coarse textured surface
  • Arena - smooth and sand-like finish
  • Lithos - finely wrinkled surface
  • Dune - textured finish, similar to sands in a desert
  • Vesuvio - smooth and finely textured surface
  • Satin - silky sheen finish
  • Lux - highly reflective polished surface
  • Urban - similar to stone cladding
  • Velvet - a brushed surface with a delicate look and feel, just like the fabric it’s named after
  • Silica Free