reSAWN’s Hardwood collection features sustainably harvested woods, including white oak, black walnut, ash, hickory, and a variety of reclaimed woods. These products are suitable for a variety of application, from cladding to flooring and even millwork. 

The wood is carefully milled to be durable without losing its natural beauty. Flooring options are available in solid and engineered planks for a range of durability. The engineered planks have a thick wear layer, making the material last. Wide plank milling options produce less waste in the production process, ensuring the products are sustainable produced. All materials come from the USA.

Sustainable Attributes
  • MR Credit 5 : Regional Materials MR Credit 7 : Certified Wood EQ Credit 4.4 : Low Emitting Materials -
  • Microbeveled edges and ends
  • Tongue and groove, end-matched milling
  • 3-8" widths generally available upon request
  • 2-10' random length standard
  • Specific lengths available upon request
  • Epic Oak - 13.5" wide, 3 ply flooring
Great for use in:
  • Wall cladding (interior and exterior)
  • Flooring (most options)
  • Millwork (reclaimed options only)
  • Ceiling cladding
Material highlights:
  • Any flooring option is available as cladding
  • Solid and engineered construction allows for a variety of material choices without sacrificing quality
  • Wide-plank options allow for better material yield and less waste in the manufacturing of the waste
  • All materials are sustainably harvested and managed in the US
  • Natural oils enhance the inherent grain and color, and can also be used to create stunning colors


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