reSAWN’s Hardwood collection features sustainably harvested woods, including white oak, black walnut, ash, hickory, and a variety of reclaimed woods. These products are suitable for a variety of application, from cladding to flooring and even millwork. All materials come from the USA.

Technical Specifications

Sustainable Attributes
  • MR Credit 5 : Regional Materials MR Credit 7 : Certified Wood EQ Credit 4.4 : Low Emitting Materials -
  • Microbeveled edges and ends
  • Tongue and groove, end-matched milling
  • 3-8" widths generally available upon request
  • 2-10' random length standard
  • Specific lengths available upon request
  • Epic Oak - 13.5" wide, 3 ply flooring
Great for use in:
  • Wall cladding (interior and exterior)
  • Flooring (most options)
  • Millwork (reclaimed options only)
  • Ceiling cladding
Material highlights:
  • Any flooring option is available as cladding
  • Solid and engineered construction allows for a variety of material choices without sacrificing quality
  • Wide-plank options allow for better material yield and less waste in the manufacturing of the waste
  • All materials are sustainably harvested and managed in the US
  • Natural oils enhance the inherent grain and color, and can also be used to create stunning colors