reSAWN’s CHARRED collection features cypress, black walnut, red oak, and reclaimed hemlock that is burnt in the Japanese tradition of shou sugi ban.  Translated as “the burning of Japanese cypress (sugi)” or yakisugi, and traditionally used in Japan as exterior siding, this ancient technique is gaining new life as a unique and modern interior and exterior wall cladding.

The wood is carefully charred, doused in water, cooled, brushed to remove dust and loose debris, and then stained/sealed to create the unique designs you will find in the CHARRED collection.  The top coat sealer is applied prior to shipping (for exterior applications, we recommend sealing all 4 sides).  The charcoal barrier created through this process preserves the wood, and is fire, rot and insect resistant.  The burning process accentuates the wood grain and creates varying colors when viewed from different angles and in different light.

Sustainable Attributes
  • Rapidly Renewable -
  • RECLAIMED HEMLOCK: ± 7/8” thick × 7” wide × 4’-10’ random lengths, S4S or T&G
  • CYPRESS: ± 7/8” thick × 5 1/2” wide × 6’-16’ random lengths, S4S, T&G, or standard ship-lap
  • RED OAK / BLACK WALNUT: ¾” thick × 5” wide × 2’-10’ random lengths, T&G
  • WESTERN RED CEDAR: ¾” thick × 5 1/8” wide × 6’-16’ random lengths, T&G, S4S, or standard ship-lap
  • KEBONY: 7/8” thick × 5 7/8” wide × 8’-16’ random lengths, S4S
  • ACCOYA: ¾” thick × 5 1/2” wide × 8’-16’ random lengths, T&G
  • Custom widths and lengths available upon request
  • Custom milling such as ship-lap with reveal available upon request
  • GRADE: #2 Common/Character (typical character marks such as knots, checks and pin worm holes)
  • GRADE: Select (highest quality - mostly clean though small knots, checks allowed)
  • Cedar only available in Select Tight Knot (rustic), or Clear Vertical Grain (smooth face)
Great for use in:
  • Exterior siding (for exterior applications we recommend sealing all 4 sides)
  • Interior applications - walls, ceilings, millwork (not suitable for flooring)
  • HAI, MOYASU, YOKO, KINOKO, NETSU, KURUMI, and DIABLO are suited for interior applications ONLY
Material highlights:
  • All materials are sustainably harvested and managed in the US
  • Charring creates a natural barrier that is fire, rot and pest resistant
  • Natural oils enhance the inherent grain and color, and can also be used to create stunning colors


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