There has been a massive movement to get rid of straws. McDonald’s, Starbucks, and many other take-out and dining establishments have jumped on the bandwagon. Save the straws, save the planet. We think the Straw is a token symbol of the move to get rid of the copious amounts of unneeded plastic that we mindlessly toss away every day. Here are six quick tips that you can take to go beyond the straw and really make an impact:

1) Ask for no plasticware when you order takeout.
2) Bring your own coffee cup to fill up.
3) Bring a reusable water bottle and stop using plastic bottles!
4) Ask them to hold the lid AND the straw when ordering a drink (especially if you're dining IN)!
5) Go back to the car to get those reusable grocery bags, even if you forgot! And STOP using the produce bags, do you really need a whole bag for one avocado?
And of course, choose sustainable materials for your buildings.

Tag us @caragreenproducts when you take one of these steps and we will send you a reusable straw!

CaraGreen Sustainability Stainless Steel Straws
Pullen Memorial Baptist Church Summer Camp coming to learn about Sustainability and rocking their new reusable straws!