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February Vignette – Year Of The Dog

Clockwise, starting from from the upper left:

IceStone – Tuscan Sunset
Koskisen – KoskiDecor Eco Transparent Decorative Plywood, Red 3020
Kirei – EchoPanel, 258
Durat – 450
Koskisen – KoskiDecor Eco Transparent Decorative Plywood, Yellow 1018
Durat – 070
Kirei – EchoPanel, 108

PaperStone – Cladding, Slate

Thinking Big by Building Small

We have always had big aspirations for our products, but in recent months we have learned to celebrate the little things. Working with several couples as they set off on adventures in buses or vans, we have provided them with healthy materials to keep them safe and cozy in their small space. UltraTouch insulation was a natural choice for Gary and Beth Hodges (follow their adventure @the198bus) as they didn’t want nasty, pink fiberglass in the walls of their upfit bus in which they plan to live and travel.

This got us thinking about tiny homes!  A lot of our products are suited to these small spaces, especially considering the limited space. You want to make the right (healthy) choices, right? Durat is lightweight and adds a pop of color to counters, tables, or benches. PaperStone is super durable, has an organic natural look, and it’s warm, matte finish won’t come off glossy in a small intimate space. Lapitec with its natural palette and 7 textures would be a great surface to chop directly on AND integrate an induction burner underneath to get limited surfaces to do double duty.

For less mobile tiny homes, reSAWN cladding (especially charred Shou Sugi Ban) would create a beautiful, resilient exterior that would really distinguish the home from its now-behemoth looking neighbors. We have big expectations for our future but we also realize that it is the little things that matter.


January Vignette – Winter Greys

Clockwise, starting from from the upper left:

Kirei – EchoPanel, 365
PaperStone – Graphite
Kirei – EchoPanel, 101
Lapitec – Satin, Arabescato Michelangelo
Durat – 054, 441, and 254
PaperStone – Pewter


Koskisen – KoskiDecor Eco Transparent Decorative Plywood, White 9003, White 9001, and Grey 7004

Want Not. Waste Not.

When a wood product company rejected thousands of board feet of its Laminated Veneer Lumber because it was out of spec, the material was destined for the dumpster. Until the creative minds atPaperStone decided that the stability and strength of the PaperStone product could bring new life to the scrap material. Applying a thin layer of PaperStone to the LVL on both sides, reinforced and stabilized the material into sheets of incredibly durable, cost effective Plyboard. This material is ideally suited for shelving, benches and casework or any other application that needs the surface durability of PaperStone at a very competitive price point. For more information on Plyboard and samples, please email us at [email protected].

Best in Show – PaperStone

Are you a dog person?

A little can go a long way when it comes to supporting innovators in the industry. PaperStone is a great material for any innovative design that needs a balance between ease of use, beauty and durability. Often looked over because of the word “paper,” the reality is that PaperStone performs like stone and is a strong as steel. It is paper transformed into stone. Just ask D2 Architecture, who used PaperStone in their creation at Bark n Build in Dallas, TX, where they won Best in Show for their stunning dog house, which was tailored to the needs of the aging canine. Their submission was true Barkitecture at work.


Ruffing It

Domestic squabble? You would not mind spending the night in this dog house! Designed by D2 Architecture in Houston, TX using PaperStone leather, this Palatial Pup Palace is a Geriatric German Shepard’s dream. Specifically designed for the Bark n Build…

Let’s Talk About Ex

Exteriors that is. At CaraGreen, we have typically curated materials that are suited for indoor use, but with the innovative companies with whom we partner, these beautiful materials are making their way outdoors as well. Check out these materials for commercial and residential use outdoors:

  • reSAWN Charred and reclaimed cladding – cypress, cedar, Accoya and Kebony woods for use as beautiful, unique siding or cladding
  • Lapitec sintered stone- the next big thing – this will replace granite and quartz as the defacto exterior material with unmatched performance, and 8 textures, making it suitable for any application, flooring on up
  • PaperStone Cladding – organic and warm to the touch, PaperStone Cladding is available in a matte finish or wood grain and is an economical, environmental alternative to stone veneers

Remodeling – Tips and Tricks for Using PaperStone

PaperStone is an ideal material for a remodel.  

For the current generation of homebuyers or renters, they are looking for spaces that represent their values. Those often include respect for the environment and modern or current aesthetics that are not what their parents had.

PaperStone ticks all the boxes:

        ☑ It’s stone-like performance makes it a great replacement for granite or quartz.  
        ​☑ It is made in the USA unlike most quartz, which typically comes from China.  
        ☑ It can be cut on site, using standard woodworking tools.  
        ​☑ Contractors can do it themselves, avoiding costly stone fabrication.  
        ​☑ Available with 100% recycled paper.

Tips And Techniques

Can I miter PaperStone edges?

Of Course! The main trick is to make sure that you attach the face of the mitered edge to a substrate or blocking below. This increases the surface area of the cap sheet that is adhered to another fibrous material (substrate). Also, using mechanical fasteners ensures an even more reliable edge, as with any other mitered material.

Please email us for our document on Mitering PaperStone Edges if you want more details.